Thursday, 17 November 2005

More SQLExpress Problems

This time on an installation!

So I've just taken delivery of a brand new laptop, a Dell D810. I put in the VS2005 disk and install, thinking that nothing can go wrong as it's a clean box. How wrong I was, SQLExpress failed to install, and I get the really useful log entry "Component Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition x86 returned an unexpected value"

Googling I found out that you can re-install SQLExpress from the VS2005 DVD, it's in [driver]:\vs\wcu\SSE\sqlexpr32.exe. Running this command causes the installer to run, and again it failed but this time I got a much more meaningful message.

I had compressed by C drive when I set this new machine up (I need the disk space) and it turns out the SQLExpress (and I guess SQL Server) can't be installed into a compressed directory. Uncompressing the directory, hitting re-try and I finally have a SQLExpress install. Wahoo! (I think)

Posted by kevin at 8:18 PM in Net


Comment: Kent Tegels at Sun, 1 Jul 9:44 AM

There's known issues using compressed voumes with SQL Server, see KB231347. I suspect that these annoyed somebody on the engine team enough that they just decided to not allow it. That said, its not cool that the error message doesn't point that out more clearly and that it doesn't catch it sooner in the install process. I've pointed this post out the the SQLTeam.

Comment: Kent Tegels at Sun, 1 Jul 9:44 AM

One more nugget of joy on this. It turns out that the SQL Installer *does* check to see if the drive is compressed or not (and correctly complains if so), however, Visual Studio calls the SQL Installer in silent mode as appears to be ingoring this error. Nice.

Comment: Ben at Sun, 1 Jul 9:44 AM

Kevin - you have an 80GB drive - compression?!!!

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